J. Marlow Schmauder

J. Marlow Schmauder is a strategy and management specialist providing services for startups in the private and nonprofit/philanthropy sectors. She provides technical, fiction and nonfiction editing and writing services for private and nonprofit clients as well.

Marlow founded and directs the Asynchronous Scholars’ Fund, an innovative, California-based startup nonprofit that advocates for asynchronous, high-potential young learners in need. She is the founder and CEO of VeriFolio, a currently on-hold early-stage startup offering a free, lifetime e-portfolio that includes verification of your badges, classes, certifications, degrees and other learning.

As a volunteer, Marlow has served on the boards or as co-moderator/list manager of multiple nonprofits and community groups in the environmental, emergency response, and gifted support fields. She is currently chief development officer for the Museum of Science Fiction.

Marlow’s prior professional experience includes over two decades of leadership, strategy, funding and advising experience in the nonprofit, US government, and private sectors. She has advised dozens of nonprofits and startups on philanthropy, strategic management, program design and project management, online communications and fundraising, as well as international collaboration and partnerships.

For fun, Marlow studies krav maga, historic European martial arts (especially armored and unarmored longsword fighting) and LED saber, is a maker and artist, scuba dives, and supports her teenagers’ deep, independent learning explorations in their areas of interest.

You can contact Marlow at LinkedIn.